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"My #1 personal recommendation for red lights that are the most powerful, cost effective, and amazing bang for the buck...Red Therapy Co.”

Ari Whitten

The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy


I've spent literally over a year researching and reading about RLT brands. There are so many options, and it's impossible to trust marketing efforts these days as companies will say anything to convince you their product is better than others. I learned about this brand through Ari Whitten, so I felt confident in finally pulling the trigger on a quality product. I would highly recommend this company!

Jordan S.

Look Better

Experience scientifically proven anti-aging benefits and improved skin healthReduce wrinkles, color patches, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration. Research has shown it can enhance the production of collagen for skin rejuvenation.

Feel Better

Unlock your body's true potential. Increase energy, reduce inflammation, regulate hormones, and boost immunity. Early research has shown the possibility of combatting depression and anxiety when using red and near-infrared light therapy in combination with other treatments.

Perform Better

Elevate your game. Enhance athletic performanceboost recovery, and promote faster wound healing. According to research, the utilization of red and NIR light therapy has significant benefits such as reducing muscle fatigue, improving muscle strength and endurance, facilitating fat loss and muscle growth responses resulting from exercise, as well as accelerating the recovery process.