RedRush 840 PULSE MAX + XL PRO Floor Stand (ADD-ON BUNDLE Save $100)

RedRush 840 PULSE MAX + XL PRO Floor Stand

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This is a special add-on offer Bundle of:
1 x RedRush 840 Ultra-Powerful 840 Watt Pulsed MAX Wave Light
1 x XL Floor Stand PRO

Secret Weapon of the Best

"Holy. Crap. RedRush is good... Like it's freaky good. I was pretty skeptical trying it out but was left weirdly impressed by the results. I've now been consistently breaking my personal bests at the gym week after week. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

Sylvia Ferrero - 2 x World Fitness Champion, Celebrity Trainer, Tri-Fit Hall of Famer

Used by professional athletes, models, researchers, and wellness practitioners worldwide

Look Better

Experience scientifically proven anti-aging benefits and improved skin healthReduce wrinkles, color patches, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration. Research has shown it can enhance the production of collagen for skin rejuvenation.

Feel Better

Unlock your body's true potential. Increase energy, reduce inflammation, regulate hormones, and boost immunity. Early research has shown the possibility of combatting depression and anxiety when using red and near-infrared light therapy in combination with other treatments.

Perform Better

Elevate your game. Enhance athletic performanceboost recovery, and promote faster wound healing. According to research, the utilization of red and NIR light therapy has significant benefits such as reducing muscle fatigue, improving muscle strength and endurance, facilitating fat loss and muscle growth responses resulting from exercise, as well as accelerating the recovery process.